a reality TV show that has a global/intercultural component where participants/contestants are in contact with a different culture

Assignment: The Assignment Select an episode from a reality TV show that has a global/intercultural component where participants/contestants are in contact with a different culture (think of reality TV shows such as CBS’s The Amazing Race, CNN’s Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods with Andrew Essay Components The title. Although this might not be the first part that you write, be sure to give your paper an engaging title, something other than “Reality TV Assignment.” And this should be your original title and not just the title of the TV show you have selected.

Introductory paragraph (100-150 words). This should be well planned. Try to use a “hook,” something that catches your reader’s attention. This might be a vivid description of something about the show that caught your attention and brought you into it. Here, you are bringing your reading into your review. You might also offer your overall impression of the episode and/or the series. But remember, the most important part of your introduction is your thesis statement, which is a brief (typically one sentence) statement that clearly defines the main idea/purpose in your paper and your main points. Since you are also making a persuasive argument in your paper, your thesis should also clearly define the core of your argument (your claim).

This thesis will be the thread that runs through your paper and ties it all together. One or two paragraphs of summary (150-200 words). This will provide an overview of the show in general and the episode(s) you selected in particular. You cannot offer an extensive report of the show in your paper and your paper should not be a lengthy discussion of the plot, but you should focus on providing the most important details. You might summarize the story and you should include important information about the show/episode(s), like the title, the presenter and the participants, and the setting(s). That way, your reader can gain a basic understanding of what the show is about.

A few paragraphs of analysis (500-600 words). In these paragraphs, specifically address each one of the questions in the prompt (one paragraph for each part of the question). As a reminder, here are the specific questions you need to discuss in this section:  What you learned about the culture(s) portrayed in the episode  How accurately you think the directors portrayed the cultures represented, and why  Do you think people would perceive this cultural group in a negative or positive manner after watching this video?  If people saw this cultural group on this video and then met with a member of the cultural group, how might watching the video affect their communication with the person? Use specific lines, settings and conversations from the episode(s) to support your arguments.

A concluding paragraph (150-200 words). Remind your reader of your main points and briefly restate your position. Reflect on what you gained from your viewing experience and what others might gain.

Objective: The purpose of this assignment is to provide a platform for each student in order to critically reflect on the power and influence of media artifacts in shaping intercultural relations. In doing so, it is expected that the assignment helps each student to gain further insight into the following course objectives:  Describe how institutional, historical, or political contexts can facilitate or hinder intercultural relationships.  Explain the role of popular culture in stereotyping.  Explain how the global movement of popular culture influences people around the world.

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