Assignment of a research paper done in the essay format

We need to find a topic of our choice. I have come up with different topics from which one need to be chosen. You can choose one of my topics in the document I have attached as a file below. The porfolio or instructions about the assignment are attached in another file below. The lecturer explained that in task 2 we have to find a maximum of 3 articles in relation to our topic, which mean that could be one or two or three arcles from which we need to comment the quality of evidence as instructed in the porfolio attached below . While doing so, we need to support our arguments with other litteratures (different references or sources). The lecturer did not add further explanation about task 3 as it is already well clarified in the porfolio attached. I can manage to do the task 1 by myself once you have chosen one of my topics in the document attached below, but you can just do task 2 and task 3 once I have been informed the topic you have chosen. You can also come up with your own topic but it has to be in the PICO format. If you choose another topic which is not one of mine you should let me know. Otherwise just select one of my topics. I wish the work to finish between the 8th and 10th of April if possible.

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