diagnostic criteria.

Using the above information, list all diagnoses for which you think the client meets diagnostic criteria. Provide justification for why the client meets the diagnostic criteria for each disorder. List all rule-outs that you considered (diagnoses you are NOT giving) and why you considered them_ Note: if there is absolutely no evidence for a specific disorder, you do not need to list it as a rule-out—rather, rule-outs arc diagnoses for which the client meets one or more diagnostic criteria but not meeting full content ANY disorder covered to date is fair game for case examples. Discuss other things you would want to consider (these can include any medical conditions you might want to consider potentially causing the problems, cultural considerations, client’s ability to accurately report, age of onset, risk factors, mechanisms described, or anything else discussed in lectures or in your book that is important to consider in diagnosing a certain disorder) You may use bullet points for this assignment be sure that you answer each question completely.

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