Economic Trends & Insights

Step 01: Click on the following link to The Northern Trust’s Economic Trends & Insights webpage. Economic Trends & Insights | Northern Trust

You will see links to weekly commentaries from the economics team at the bank – the current week and then the past several weeks. To the right is an example.

If you scroll down even more, below the

biographies of the economists, you will see still more archived weekly commentaries. Browse through one or more of them. Generally, each weekly commentary has several topics related to current events happening locally and throughout the world.

Step 02: Compose a ¾ page to one full page (about 300 – 350 words) essay describing what you have read and learned.

Select two to three topics (one or two paragraphs each) to report on from at one or more weekly commentaries. As you discuss each topic, make sure to say which weekly commentary it was from.

Concisely summarize, while also providing details about the topics; avoid being too vague or repetitive.

If you wish, you may present your thoughts or comments, but mostly make it a factual accounting of what was in the weekly commentary. Avoid direct quotes, use your own voice.

If you can relate anything back to the material in this course, do so, especially if the topic involves fiscal or monetary policy – government involvement in the economy. Try to stick commentaries dated in the four or five weeks, unless you see something that really strikes your interest.

How you will be graded:

-The paper should be typed, doubled spaced, 12-point font – a good full page in length for the essay will do, not including any title, author, date headings.

-Grammar and spelling will be checked. o The quality of your writing in explaining the reading material. o Proper citations must be used for direct quotes or ideas not your own. Don’t feel you have to cite every line, but do try to make it clear you are summarizing another’s ideas. Certainly, use quotes if you are directly quoting even a single sentence. Additionally, if you are referencing more than one article, or another source, make sure it is clear from which source you are summarizing or getting your ideas.

-(Optional, although not necessary for this assignment) Have a bibliography or “works cited” section at the end of the paper, especially if you are referencing additional articles not provided by the instructor.

– Most importantly – use your own words! The idea is to convince the instructor you have read and comprehended the material.NO PLAGERIZM

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