Grades and Money

We’ve been discussing Steven Vogel’s article, “Grades and Money,” and Kwame Anthony Appiah’s article, “What Is the Point of College?”; you’ve also found various additional relevant articles about the questions Appiah and Vogel raise about the purpose of higher education. Now, write and post a rough draft of an essay that relates “Grades and Money” and “What Is the Point of College?” to your own experiences and aspirations as a student. This draft should be at least 750 words. It CAN include material you have already posted in your earlier posts about “Grades and Money” and “What Is the Point of College?” For the draft, follow the standard conventions of academic and professional English, such as beginning sentences with an upper-case letter and ending with a period, and avoiding spelling short-cuts and emojis. relate the two articles together ands find one article on your own that is related to the two and include that with in the essay.

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