Introduction to Fashion Business Book Report

**Must be completed tomorrow, March 27th. Book report must be 5 pages, 12-point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced and include: • Book title, author, cover photo • Six essay question responses. Here are the six general questions weighed equally. Answer each in essay format with detail. (APA format required) 1) Why did you select this book, and why did its subject matter initially appeal to you? What were your expectations? 2) Were your expectations met? If so how did it support your studies in “Introduction to the Fashion Business”? Explain. 3) What was the book about? Write a multi-paragraph summary. 4) What did you learn? Please provide at least three things you learned from reading this book. Please give details and write 1 paragraph on each thing you learned. What was the “take away”? 5) How (if at all) has this book shaped your point of view about fashion? If it has not, explain why. 6) Reading a book and being exposed to subject matter in far greater depth is different than scanning the internet for information. Both have value and merit that being said –are you more likely, just as likely, or less likely to read a book as you continue your studies at LIM. Please elaborate.

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