Macy’s Department Store

MUST BE COMPLETED IN ABOUT 6-7 hours. NO EXCEPTIONS. ANSWER ALL PARTS OF THE QUESTIONS. MUST BE IN MLA STYLE In this assignment, you will be comparing National Brands and Private Label (store, proprietary) brands.  1. Identify a National Brand and a Private Label brand carried by Macy’s. 2. Compare the two competing products/collections along the following dimensions:   * Fashion trends: Similar? Different? How? * Sizing specs and standards * Fabrications, Materials: Same? Different? Explain * Country of origin: Where are the two products manufactured? * Pricing:  Compare – which is higher? Which do you think represents greater profit potential? Include pricing for both ‘regular’ and ‘promotional’ efforts.        3. Discuss the idea of National vs. Private Label products of an Associate. List the Associate’s job function. Is there any identifiable difference between the target              customer for the National Brand and the target customer for the Private Label brand?  Explain.        4. Discuss the overall pros and cons of National Brands vs. Private Label brands and how these distinctions impact Macy’s overall strategy.

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