Phonological Development

Resources for this assignment are in the Module for Assignment #1 – Phonological Development

For this assignment, you will listen to a speech sample of a preschool child (Ameila) and do a preliminary assessment of her speech sound production.  Utilize the directions below and the rubric to guide your work. Once completed and uploaded into Canvas, you will be assigned to provide peer reviews for colleague(s) in your class.


  1. Look at the chart of phonological processes (patterns of errors) common in childhood speech
  2. Listen to this video of Amelia’s speech
  3. Identify 3 phonological processes that Ameila exhibits. For each, provide an example you heard in the video.
  4. Provide an estimate of approximately how much you understood of her speech. This will be her intelligibility rating.
  5. Write 2-4 sentences to describe your experience with this assignment.


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