Description of the Project


Use your knowledge of Services Marketing and “Show us Marketing”. In this assignment you will create/conceptualize a service HOTEL, You will produce a paper detailing the below information.  The following discussions should be included in your team’s final report.

~An Executive Summary of the overall project. This is placed at the beginning (front) of the project. (usually done after completing the project as it is an overall summary of the paper)

~Detail discussion of the product/service (characteristics, attributes, configuration if necessary and production cost etc)

~ Discuss physical evidence of your company that will have an impact on customer satisfaction eg. If you use an airline, it could be the interior such as décor, seats, air quality ect.

˜Discussion of the target market: (identify primary market segment you want to target. Explain why those segments were chosen.  Identify potential secondary markets).

~Discuss your competitor analysis (Who are your competitors what they offer)

~Discussion of your pricing strategy ( Type of pricing,  profit margin)

~The distribution channel/s to be used by the company to get products/services to consumers. Detail the channel/s selected and why as well as the channels didn’t selected and why.  (internet, brick/mortar stores etc).

~Discussion of the Integrated Communication. The promotion processes to be used e.g. advertising, public relations, trade shows etc.  Include also the various modes of advertising used (e.g.  Newspaper, TV, Internet etc.

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