a concept discussed in the reading.

students will be asked to deliver an oral presentation on a given subject related to the reading, i.e. not a summary of the given reading but a presentation of a topic which relates to, for example, a concept discussed in the reading. It is entirely up to the student to come up with a topic relevant in this regard. The oral presentation should not take more than 10-15 minutes. Students may very well include power points, visual aids and etc. The presentation should include thought-provoking, compelling questions which would lead into a debate.


Please refrain from too general a presentation of the topic and focus instead on your specific perspective / analysis. What do you find interesting and compelling about the topic you are presenting? What is your critical take on this topic? What are the specific questions you would like to explore in relation to this topic, and why do you find these questions compelling? And last but not least, how can you make this interesting for your fellow students as well?


I have attached previous presentations of my classmates to give you an idea pretty much some of them read the readings and first briefly just explained what the reading was about and then choose a specific perspective/analysis from the reading to focus on for the presentation


please click this link you can see the examples (videos and computer games and propaganda and art!) the presentation i will need you to help me is called the Digital Age pls see and read all the instructions! 🙂

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