a critique of a speech!

In this paper, you will apply all that you have learned about public speaking to perform a critique of a speech!

  • Select a video of a public speech that was presented or posted between February 1, 2022 and April 1, 2022.  You may find these speeches on any site including TED.com and American Rhetoric.  You’re also encouraged to do speech that may not be posted on those sites but was presented live in front of an audience or remotely.  (If you choose to do this, you must get approval from me before you begin on this assignment.  If you fail to do so, you run the risk of not being approved.)   You may not do a speech prior that was presented prior to this date or after.  You’re welcome to use a speech which is not posted on this site provided that it was delivered to the public.

View the speech and take notes. Use these notes to address each of the 3 required essay elements

Essay Elements

Element 1: CCCC

Element 2: Language Use

  1. Element 3: Delivery

Once you have viewed the speech (several times) use your notes to craft an essay that assesses the speaker and speech content. The paper is comprised of 3 sections mentioned above.

Introduction: Be sure to provide the title of the speech, the speaker’s name, relevant background information on your speaker, and the place and date of the speech in the introduction of your essay. (1 paragraph)

  1. Element 1. Identify and provide examples of the speaker’s use of ethos, pathos, and logos. Include in this section your assessment of whether the three elements were clear, used effectively, and used ethically. (1-1.5 pages)
  2. Element 2. How is the speaker using language to achieve their speech goal? Some questions to consider: Is language choice aiding in the employment of one of the various theories of persuasion we discussed? Are they employing any literary devices (simile, metaphor, analogy, alliteration, repetition, etc.)? Are they seeking to reference or create a new connotative meaning? Do they ever use language that misrepresents a group or individual? Justify your assessment with examples from the speech. (1-1.5 pages)

Element 3. Evaluate the speaker’s delivery. Things to consider are

  • Eye Contact
  • Stance
  • Posture

Vocal Variation

  1. Vocal Pacing
  2. Vocal Projection

Verbal Fluency

  1. Clear Pronunciation
  2. Arm Placement
  3. Hand Gestures

Facial Expression

Crisp, Clear, Concise Language

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