Click on this link to read the artcile about keto diet

Click on this link to watch the video “Does the keto diet work?”

After reading the article and watching the NBC news video respond to the following question

– What do you think of this diet? What type of diet is that?

– Prose and Conse? Is it adaptable and easy to follow? Does it provide variety of food?

– Describe how might this diet influence health?

You must post your initial response by Wednesday. The initial post is to contain at least 200 words (16 points).

Your posts must contain complete sentences, answer to each question posted, and grammatically correct (4 points)

You need to respond to at least two other students in your group. In total, I need to see 3 activities in two separate days. Your response to another student is due Sunday (10 points).

It is important that all questions are addressed and supported by the assigned readings and lecture materials.

Students must create an initial thread in order to view other students posts in this forum.

The instructor will read the posts and summarize the discussion but will not individually respond to each

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