Electronic Health Record (E H R) Implementation

For the Final Project, you will create an Electronic Health Record (E H R) Implementation Project Plan presentation using PowerPoint with speaker notes or an audiovisual presentation with an accompanying presentation script. In Doc Sharing is a PowerPoint overview that provides the do’s and don’ts of a power point proposal and the use of speaker notes. After reviewing A West Virginia Health Center Discusses Implementing Electronic Health Records (see www.healthit.gov use the case, your knowledge from class, and your understanding of the healthcare field to address the following points: Design a plan outlining each of the six steps of an implementation plan (see www.healthit.gov including the milestone achievements and verification of regulatory and legal standards for health records maintained during and following implementation. Stakeholders: Identify the key stakeholders responsible for each step in the EHR Implementation Project Plan and describe their role in the implementation plan. Dependencies: Identify and elaborate on two to three dependencies that must exist (e.g., unit testing done before system testing). Communication: Propose at least three different forms of communication that can be used throughout the implementation and explain when and why they would be effective. Training Plan: Develop a training plan including a detailed description of at least two different types of training that should occur for the plan to be successful in all departments. The training plan should include the intended participants, content, methods, location and schedule. If you choose to use screen capture, you will create a screencast of your presentation. There are numerous screen capture tools available on the internet including: Jing, or Screencast-o-matic, etc. Please include a title for your presentation in the description box when you publish your screencast. Your presentation time is limited to 4 to 5 minutes, so it is highly recommended that you practice reading through your script prior to beginning the screencast capture. Do NOT read your slides. The slides should provide general talking points. The script that you create should provide the narrative for the presentation. Copy and paste the URL link to your screencast (if using) at the top of your script document and at the bottom of the reference slide in your PowerPoint presentation. If you are not using screen cast, then make sure that your presentation includes the required speaker notes. Your presentation must utilize at least four scholarly sources cited in APA format as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. All sources used within the presentation must be cited properly within the slides and included on the required reference slide, which will be the last slide of the PowerPoint presentation. Due to the time limit of your presentation, you are not required to speak or read through the reference slide. All sources used within the script must be cited properly with in-text citations where necessary and a separate final reference page. You will submit both your script and your PowerPoint presentation files for grading. two double spaced page script, and a seven slide PowerPoint

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