Find a news article related to a module topic we’ve explored in this class. That means you can choose from an article that falls within one of the following concepts:

environmental systems

  • evolution/species/community

human populations

  • biomes/biodiversity
  • conservation
  • food and agriculture
  • environmental health
  • climate
  • air pollution
  • water resources
  • earth resources
  • energy
  • solid and hazardous waste
  • The article may not be older then this class (must be from February 2022 to present date; if there is no date, you cannot use it).
  • It must be a news article (and not an opinion piece or encyclopedia-y article). Note that where you get your news matters. I believe that it matters less that iyour publication of choice leans right or left, and more that you are aware of its biases and you consume it’s content knowing that. It’s even better to get your news from a variety of sources. Where there’s overlap is the general facts of the news and where’s there’s not could be hidden opinions. Here is a helpful chart that I find is fairly accurate for identifying the biases of online news articles: https://www.allsides.com/sites/default/files/AllSidesMediaBiasChart-Version4.jpg
  • the link to the article
  • 1-2 pages that covers what the article is about, why you chose this particular article, and what your thoughts are on the subject, including what was the most interesting part of the article to you, how does the news affect you or society, and if it’s controversial, do you agree or disagree. ———————————————————————
  • (2) paper

1-2 page response to the summit (Zoom recording listed below).  Your response should include the main takeaways from the presentation on climate change science, the keynote speaker, and breakout sessions with students from other colleges.  It should also include your own reflections- What surprised you?  What makes you worried or angry?  What gives you hope? 

Watch at least the full 1:23 hour session from the Washtenaw Community College’s 4th Annual Climate Summit sponsored by the Sustainability Literacy Task Force.

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