the career-focused informative speech

For this discussion, you will create a speech outline for the career-focused informative speech you conceptualized in Milestone One. (Business Market Strategy) A template has been provided for this purpose. You will then share your outline with your peers to obtain feedback, and give feedback to your peers on their outlines. When commenting on your peers’ posts, provide critical yet constructive feedback based on best practices of outline writing as discussed in the course textbook. As peers and your instructor provide feedback on your outline, be sure to review and incorporate that feedback into your project as appropriate.

Complete your outline using the Speech Outline Template Word Document that is upload below

In your post, identify two specific areas you would like peer feedback on. Examples may include:

The use of tone

Quality of points and subpoints

Relevance of explanations to subpoints

Alignment of certain sections (introduction, body, conclusion) to identified audience

Effectiveness of introduction

Effectiveness of conclusion



4-2 Video Journal


Create and post a two-minute screenshare video showing a quick preview of the draft visual aids you plan to use in your presentation and explaining how and why you plan to use them.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

Visual aids: Present a variety of draft visuals that are aligned to the topic, purpose, and audience of your presentation as well as clear, purposeful, and appropriate.

Purpose: Describe how you decided where and how to incorporate visual aids in your presentation.

Impact: Explain how your draft visual aids will support audience understanding and engagement during your presentation.

Guidelines for Submission

Submit your response as a two-minute screen share video recording using Bongo. Sources should be orally cited according to APA style.


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